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Toothless Cosplay by Exile-wolfy Toothless Cosplay by Exile-wolfy
I realize that this cosplay ended up on DA faster than I could upload any photos of it, and the pictures other people took are indeed worlds better than mine, but here's a comp for y'all. ^^;

Anyway, here we go. If you've followed my little blurb on the front page you could see my panicking over this cosplay, but it got done in time for AnimeNEXT 2011 and ended up at Connecticon 2011 too! If you saw us, I want to tell you we had an absolutely marvelous time at both conventions, and thanks for snapping a picture. ;^; Seriously. <3

This cosplay is actually for my mother, so I was not inside this suit. (I was in the sweatsuit/Tsukimi cosplay) It was harder to build because I had to sit her down and have her throw it on a lot. My brother was Hiccup, I made his cosplay too. The Astrid in these pictures is a good friend of my brother's. (They were adorable! X3)

Right! So specs; The jaw moves, the wings are semi-pose-able, they can spread out to about 2 and 1/2 feet on each side with assistance. (I was the assistance for my mom)

You can see a video of the Toothless cosplay in action at AnimeNEXT 2011 here:

About 1 minute and 32 seconds into the video. ^^


Also here! At Connecticon 2011 2 minutes and 48 second in!:


Toothless: My mother (no DA account)

Hiccup: [link]

Astrid: [link]

I do not claim the character Toothless or How to Train your Dragon in any way, I just made the scraggly costume of wire and fur!

If you have any questions feel free to ask! :3
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RecklessGirl Featured By Owner Jun 23, 2014
How did you do the head? I'm dong my own toothless quadsuit and having troulbe with the head. :)
Exile-wolfy Featured By Owner Edited Jul 8, 2014
I've never made a quadsuit before, but as I understand it the mask on one is more like a helmet or a hat on the wearer, I think? The way I did mine was with a metal frame using 16 gauge wire. BUT! I need to WARN you that wire can be really, really dangerous to use as a frame. I run a huge risk of poking out all manner of soft and squishy bits that my face has. I would suggest in it's place using a foam construction!

However, if you are still interested in the wire frames despite the danger, I did put up progress pictures here:…

I just want to make sure I suitably informed you before-hand. c:

In addition to the frame, his eyes are cast resin painted with acrylic paint. I believe I directly embedded the wire in the resin cast to keep the eyes in place. His teeth are model magic sealed with acrylic sealer. His "ears" are mostly sheet foamie covered with fabric, and the scales are hand cut from a faux leather fabric.

I wish you good luck on your suit! Please link me when you're done, I'd love to see him!
drpepperswife Featured By Owner Aug 20, 2013
this is awesome! <3 hey where do you see through?
Exile-wolfy Featured By Owner Aug 30, 2013
Right under Toothless's eyes is a patch of black "buckram" which is a net-like material. It helps the wearer see out, without people seeing in. :D
WolfGirlZoeyRide4 Featured By Owner Feb 11, 2013
Any advice on wings and tail construction (materials, etc)?
I currently have a Toothless cosplay in the making, but I'm having a hard time with these.
Exile-wolfy Featured By Owner Feb 11, 2013
Sure! I'll do my best!

His tail started as a simple straight cut: It's two loooong triangles. One stitched side is under the tail, the other is on top. After cutting that out, I did the ridge of spikes along the middle, cutting out two loooong sets to match the tail, and sewing them into the stitched side on top (they're stuffed). The last bit would be the "fins". Toothless has two sets, one pair near the base of his tail, and the other at the end of it (along with the "injured" fin). Those are made of camping mat foam shaved down into long triangles and covered by fabric. I later put in a "membrane" of a thinner fabric to look like skin in between the foam bits. The whole monster is attached by a belt that the wearer slips into two holes and buckles inside the main suit. (It's a little heavy!)

All in all I think if I could re-do the tail, I wouldn't have used foam for the inside of the fins. I probably would have stuffed it with polyfil so I could sew it to the main tail easier. I ended up hot-gluing the foam to the tail, and up close it doesn't look so great... A nice thing to know too is that while I didn't add a curve to the tail when I was cutting it out, the breeze gets caught in the "fins" and the tail wiggles when she walks around. It's super cute. ^^

The wings were also a huge series of trials-and-errors. It's not pictured here, but I have another deviation:

Which shows what the wings looked like before I furred them. I started out with (don't wince) poster board cut outs for the "fingers". (It's the black pieces in that image). The blue areas are foam from a camping mat, two "muscles" on each side, held together by a cardboard and foam "screw" I made to keep them together, but also allow rotation. The poster board bits are held to the foam piece by a wire I punctured through both pieces. I... was in a rush and at a loss... When I covered it with fur, suddenly the movements were restrained, and I had to slash the fabric in areas meant to bend. Luckily, no one's seen through the trick yet. ^^;

The wings held up great for the first day at AnimeNEXT, but the jostling crowds took their toll and within hours the poster board had bent and become loose. It was a bit of a disaster. I took the wings home and left the poster board inside, but hot-glued a long 16 gauge wire going from the middle piece of foam, all the way to the tip of the outermost poster board piece. I also added smaller wires to the inner "fingers" just to keep them straight. The poster board made a great base for keeping the wire in place.

The wings are now a little heavier, but they retain shape and durability. The whole thing is worn by two straps attached at the middle bit of foam and tied under the armpits. I've tried to rip those out and replace them with a black elastic, but the wearer won't have it.

I hope this was able to help, I didn't mean to send you a huge wall of text. Let me know if you want any more details or have any questions. :D
WolfGirlZoeyRide4 Featured By Owner Mar 20, 2013
Hi, thanks a lot for all the info. It's definitely more than I expected to get and very helpful. Sorry it's taken so long to respond to your message, but I've been trying to get further along with my project before telling you about how it has been going.

The tail is pretty much the only part that is finish. Unfortunately, this project is of a somewhat low budget, so I've mostly been borrowing material from art teachers. I took your advice to do the tail in two long triangles (which is probably more comfortable/easier then what I planned), but had to use foam board over a wire frame for the fins (covered in a weird, rigid fabric I found). All and all, I'm happy.

The wings are sort of a work in progress still. When I had first asked, I had already built a wire frame for them, but it wasn't stable enough to really stay in position. But thanks to your comment about foam board, I was able to use it to stabilize the wire and give it a better shape. Hopefully when I cover it in fabric, it will make it a bit stronger too.

Again, thanks for being so helpful with this (most people wouldn't take the time to write a good response like this). If your interested, I'll tell you when it is finished so you can see pictures (if I get around to it).
Exile-wolfy Featured By Owner Mar 23, 2013
It's no problem! The construction and imagination behind making large scale costumes like this is sorta super fascinating for me. ^^

I'm glad you've been able to find material you can use! Often, I buy mine off of Ebay (when I see a good deal) and (they give you free shipping if you buy a certain amount). There's also a Goodwill near me, and if I need just a little bit of one material, I try to find a cheap outfit there I can scrap up.

The tail sounds excellent. The foam-core board will be a lot lighter than my poly-fil and probably be more structured as well. I'm glad my advice was useful! I would love to see the project when it's done, and if you ever have time for it, take some progress photographs. You never know when those will come in handy! (Sometimes they work great for an art portfolio too!)
LeRusk Featured By Owner Aug 9, 2011
so cute : D
Exile-wolfy Featured By Owner Aug 10, 2011
Thanks! :D
RoseHexwit Featured By Owner Aug 7, 2011
Very cute!
Exile-wolfy Featured By Owner Aug 8, 2011
Thanks! ^^
Pellimore Featured By Owner Aug 7, 2011
This is badass. Awesome work. ^_^
Exile-wolfy Featured By Owner Aug 8, 2011
Wow~! Thank you very much! :3
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